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Admissions Criteria

LoRaWAN Academy has a formal application process to assess a university’s readiness in order to maintain high-caliber learning and outcomes.

Criteria for admission*:

  • University must have an existing IoT program or course emphasis
    • Priority will be given to Universities with existing IoT degree programs and LPWAN syllabi featuring LoRa Technology.
  • University should have engagement to some degree with an industrial partner for research purposes.
  • University should have some familiarity with LPWAN technology, LoRa specifically, and the technical staff to facilitate training.
  • University should have a specific application focus or target market for its research.
  • University should have a specific technology feature it is targeting, for example, Geolocation.
  • University should have at least 10 students who will register for the training course.

Applicants should be prepared to provide detailed qualifications based on the above criteria. The admissions team will use a rating system to assess an applicant’s qualification.

Please note: The LoRaWAN Academy program and network packages are not intended for commercial use. For a list of operators that can help support your commercial projects, visit the LoRa Alliance™ website or the LoRa Catalog in the LoRa Community. 

*Admissions criteria are used as a guideline for the application review team. Acceptance or rejection is subject to the review team’s discretion.