Benefits for Universities and Students

LoRaWAN Academy gives universities and students the tools to successfully teach or learn about LoRa Technology and the LoRaWAN open specification for IoT. The program provides the necessary building blocks to boost your engineering curriculum or resume, design and prototype IoT applications, and make our planet smart!

Benefits for Universities

Universities can easily implement LoRaWAN Academy into existing engineering and computer science courses, giving students valuable lessons and training for the real world. By adopting LoRaWAN Academy, your university can: 

Benefits for Universities

Offer cutting-edge coursework

Stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology landscape

Boost competitive advantage for students

Improve recruiting

Stimulate applied research and publishable projects

Benefits for students

Students deserve comprehensive IoT and LPWAN training that includes today's and next-generation technologies to adequately prepare for the real world. Encourage your university to onboard LoRaWAN Academy so you can effectively:

Benefits for Students

Build your resume

Learn technical skills for a booming industry

Gain real-world experience

Network with leading companies in IoT

Solve the world’s toughest challenges with smart technology!


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