Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What geographic regions does LoRaWAN Academy currently support?

All regions are currently supported!

Q: Who should apply?

A university professor or department chair who is responsible for overseeing the corresponding engineering course or wireless IoT curriculum.

Q: How long is a LoRaWAN Academy program contract?
A: The formal agreement is for 3 years.
Q: What is expected of a participating university?

While no formal reporting is required, we encourage participants to share their experiences on social media, by tagging @LoRaWANAcademy on Twitter or LinkedIn, or contributing to our blog with a guest blog. Drop us a note if you’re interested!

Q: Can I purchase the LoRaWAN Academy curriculum only? Without the LoRaWAN network and hardware package…

Unfortunately, we do not sell the LoRaWAN Academy curriculum individually at this time.

Q: What if I already have a LoRaWAN network deployed on my campus and want to incorporate the LoRaWAN Academy curriculum?

Find the recommended materials for LoRaWAN Academy coursework on the Materials page. Students will benefit from using the Kerlink gateways, Sodaq Explorer kits, TTN Network Server and myDevices Integration.

Q: Can the LoRaWAN network be expanded?

Yes, the LoRaWAN network is scalable by installing additional gateways.

Q: Where do I buy the required training hardware and services?

Visit the Materials page to find a list of suggested materials with links.


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