A robust network of resources to build, connect and launch LoRa®-based solutions is available through LoRaWAN Academy’s corporate sponsors.

IoT Ready Program™

myDevices’ IoT Ready Program connects your hardware solutions with developers from around the world for prototyping and solutions development.

Lora Alliance
LoRa Alliance

An association of over 500+ companies committed to standardizing the LoRaWAN™ specification to scale IoT. Member companies have deployed LoRaWAN Networks in over 50 countries. University memberships are free – join today for exclusive events, research and specification updates.

LoRa Community
LoRa Community

A secure forum for LoRa Technology users to access documentation and videos, collaborate with peers and experts, ask questions, and browse a catalog of LoRa-based hardware, software and network solutions. Use your university email account when registering for this free service.

The Things Network
The Things Network

Open LoRaWAN Academy community forum for LoRa Technology users and technology enthusiasts to engage, collaborate and share their IoT projects with users from around the globe.